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Tallinn, April 2018.

Tallinn Airport or Lennart Meri 
El Aeropuerto de Tallin, también conocido como Aeropuerto de Ülemiste está ubicado a aproximadamente 4 kilómetros del centro de la ciudad de Tallin, en la costa este del lago Ülemiste

Baltic airports to EU countries. 
 Ryanair (FR; www.ryanair.com), Wizz Air (W6; %Latvia 9020 0905; www.wizzair.com) and easyJet (U2; %UK 870 600 0000; www.easyjet.com) also connect Baltic capitals with a host of destinations, notably in Germany.

AirBaltic also flies to Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, code-sharing with these countries’ national carriers. In addition, Ukrainian International Airlines (PS; www.flyuia.com) fly from Kyiv to Vilnius, as does Belavia (B2; %Estonia 6732 0314; http://en.bel

Local Transport
Bus, Tram & Trolleybus

A mix of trams, buses and trolleybuses (buses run by electricity from overhead wires) provides thorough public transport around towns and cities in all three countries. All three types of transport get crowded, especially during the early-morning and early-evening rush hours.
Trams, trolleybuses and buses all run from about 5.30am to 12.30am, but services get pretty thin in outlying areas after about 7pm. In Tallinn and Vilnius, the same ticket is good for all types of transport except minibuses; in Rīga a bus ticket must be purchased on board, but trolleybus and tram tickets are interchangeable. In all three countries, you validate your flat-fare ticket by punching it in one of the ticket punches fixed inside the vehicle. Tickets are sold from news kiosks displaying them in the window and by some drivers (who are easier to find but charge a little more for tickets). Multitrip, weekly and monthly tickets are available. The system depends on honesty and lends itself to cheating but there are regular inspections, with on-the-spot fines if you’re caught riding without a punched ticket.do not sit in the seats at the front – these are only for babushkas (senior-age women) and small children. Secondly, plan getting off well ahead of time. It’s good to know how to say ‘excuse me’ in the language of your Baltic country or in Russian, so people understand that you want to get to the door on a crowded bus.
All airports are served by regular city transport as well as by taxis.
Taxis are plentiful and usually cheap. Night-time tariffs, which generally apply between 10pm and 6am, are higher. To avoid rip-offs, insist on the meter running. In any of the cities, it’s always cheaper and safer to order a cab by phone.
Suburban trains serve the outskirts of the main cities and some surrounding towns and villages. They’re of limited use as city transport for visitors, as they mostly go to residential or industrial areas where there’s little to see. But some are useful for day trips to destinations outside the cities.

Estonian belongs to the Baltic-Finnic branch of the Finno-Ugric languages. It’s closely related to Finnish and distantly related to  Hungarian. Most Estonians, especially the younger generations, understand some English
and Finnish, but you’ll find that people are welcoming of visitors who make an effort
to speak their language.
Most Estonian consonants are the same as in English. 
Travelling on all trams, trolleybuses and buses involves a particular etiquette. If you are young, fit and capable of standing for the duration of your journ

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FORMAS DE COHOUSING en el blog.jubilares.es



(...) Nos pidieron nuestros admirados amigos de Jubilares compartir un artículo sobre la experiencia recogida en este viaje a Copenhague por tres de las personas que trabajamos desde SeniorsVidaSostenible para hacer realidad la Vivienda Colaborativa en nuestra zona levantina.
Esto llevado a cabo por 3B.dk, una compañía privada con más de 12.000 viviendas similares en Copenhague, además de las que siguen haciendo nuevas. 


 Cooperativa Entrepatios en el distrito de Usera de Madrid
Organizaciones que ayudan: cohousingverde.com Cohousing Verde: 917139229.
Proyectos La Vereda cohousing La Rioja
Baleares. 2018/01/07 Govern cederá suelo cooperativas ciudadanos para construyan viviendas

Alicante y Levante. Contactar con Prudencio López, Telf. 34 616 95 52 81, que dice ser gestor social para facilitar la creación de grupos afines y a la gestión de los proyectos en la medida que cada grupo precise, dice. Llevan cohousing, viviendas colaborativas y dentro de éstas periurbana, urbana, ecológica, costa. Financieramente en cesión en uso y alquiler.
  Premios de arquitectura.es. Viviendas intergeneracionales centro de salud y centro de dia en pza de america alicante

Cohousing Barcelona
Palencia. navegacohousing.org

Choiss.info. EdinBURGH AREA.

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Las mejores tarjetas de crédito. Tarjetas para viajar barato.

No existe un seguro propio para gente de edad. Por ello recogemos algunos cnsejos quenos viene bien en  neutro día a día y lo adaptamos a nuestras necesidades. Consejos para contratar un buen seguro de viaje no nos dice nada nuevo pero nos refresca lo que debemos hacer. Evita la publicidad que véis es bien directa por una compañia.    

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El presidente de la Comisión Europea, Jean-Claude Juncker
El presidente del Parlamento Europeo, Antonio Tajani

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Evolutionary Psychology and Preferences Over Time

Understanding how and when cognitive change occurs over the life span is a prerequisite for understanding normal and abnormal development and aging. 

7 things you peak at in life after age 50, according to Science

Arithmetic skill peaks around age 50  Psychsci2015.pdf
 Scores for fluid intelligence (e.g., short-term memory) peak early in adulthood, whereas scores for crystalized intelligence (e.g., vocabulary) peak in middle age (...) although  the fluid-/crystalized-intelligence distinction implies, that suggests that the fluid-/ crystalized-intelligence construct needs revision

You can best understand people's emotions in your 50s
The same study, looking to understand people's intuition of others, asked 10,000 people to view pictures cropped tightly around a person's eyes. 
Wisdom peaks after age 60
People do seem to get wiser as they get older. 
According to a 2010 study, the people who performed best at analysing a given conflict, seeing different points of view, gauging uncertainties, and envisioning solutions, were people who were at least 60 years old.
(...) Social reasoning improves with age despite a decline in fluid intelligence. The results suggest that it might be advisable to assign older individuals to key social roles involving legal decisions, counseling, and intergroup negotiations. Furthermore, given the abundance of research on negative effects of aging, this study may help to encourage clinicians to emphasize the inherent strengths associated with aging.
Life satisfaction peaks at 69
Life satisfaction actually has two peaks: one around age 23 and another in old age. 
A survey of 23,000 Germans between the ages of 17 and 85 found that 23-year-olds and 69-year-olds were most satisfied with their lives, "all things considered." 
Vocabulary peaks in your late 60s and early 70s
The 2015 that asked nearly 49,000 people to perform a set of tests also found that a person's vocabulary is largest toward the late 60s and early 70s.
Even if younger people were quicker to notice relationships between abstract concepts, people in the older age group did the best at multiple-choice definition tests.
Body image peaks after 70
In a Gallup survey, two-thirds of Americans over 65 said they always like the way they look.
Men's self-perception appeared to peak in their early 80s; about 75 percent agreed with the statement, "You always feel good about your physical appearance." Women's rates of agreeing with that statement was a little below 70 percent when they hit about 74 years old.
Psychological well being peaks around age 82
In a 2010 study, scientists asked people to picture a 10-step ladder, with the best possible life on the top rung and the worst possible life on the bottom rung.
The oldest group they studied (82- to 85-year-olds) gave the highest average rung number, about 7. (People around age 50 gave the lowest number, around 6.3.)

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Gracias, Ramón.
En la sociedad de la información se produce tanta información (y ¡la mayoría es desinformación) que individualmente es imposible encontrar la adecuada, hoy todo funciona en red. 

Este es el artículo más leído en la historia del Cambridge Journal of Education.ç

Los think tank no son una Fuente científica, no amos a médicas/os que receten según lo que dicen los think tank sino la comunidad científica internacional
 Tandfonline. TopicS

Interactive Groups (IG) is one of the Successful Educational Actions (SEAs) identified in the research project INCLUD-ED: Strategies for inclusion and social cohesion in Europe from education (European Commission, 6th Framework Program, 2006-2011). INCLUD-ED analysed educational strategies that contribute to overcoming inequalities and promote social cohesion, and those generating social exclusion, particularly focusing on vulnerable and marginalised groups. The SEAs supporting the education of pupils at risk, have universal components which have been showed to be transferable in very diverse contexts, leading to educational success. IG are used to improve the education of children and youth in different contexts around the world. schooleducationgateway. resources 

Schools and communities may have a key role in reversing the cycle of inequality  HERE 
In order to achieve the inclusive growth currently aimed for Europe (European Commission, 2010 European Commission (2010). Europe 2020. A strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Brussels: European Commission.
 [Google Scholar]), it is necessary to provide schools and communities with the actions that help citizens succeed in education, and consequently gain access to the labour market and to full participation in society.  Ramón Flecha y Marta Soler

 Early Childhood teacher mentoring programme in the state of Victoria, Australia. The findings show that: (a) relevant circumstances that make teacher professional learning a necessity are associated with individual aspirations and systemic requirements; (b) collegial relationships and critical deliberation constitute meaningful learning experiences; and (c) teacher learning takes place in the domains of professional dispositions, pedagogical knowledge and social capital. The implication is that in designing professional development programmes such as mentoring, it is important to take teachers’ contexts of practice into account; conceptualise learning as a socially situated practice; and recognise the value of teachers’ lived experiences as a locus of deliberation and learning.

Teacher voices Australia built better career path teachers

2017/10/9 Nuevo análisis de datos revela cómo mejorar resultados educativos
la consultora en administración McKinsey & Company ha publicado 
El reporte general provee dos hallazgos sumamente interesantes que nos hacen replantearnos algunas ideas muy difundidas en materia educativa.

Una mentalidad adecuada por parte del alumno es aún más importante para su desempeño que su nivel socioeconómico.

En general, la mentalidad y motivación del alumno, son mejores predictores (30%) de un buen resultado en la prueba que el entorno familiar y otros factores demográficos (16%). Además, no todos los tipos de motivación positiva son iguales. Lo que los investigadores denominaron ‘calibración de la motivación’ —querer entregar un trabajo de
calidad—  resulta ser doblemente más importante que la motivación identificada por el alumno —desear el mejor de la clase—. Este estudio estima que una motivación bien calibrada es equivalente en impactó a estar en un nivel socioeconómico superior.
Además, haciendo eco al trabajo de Carol Dweck sobre la importancia de cultivar una ‘mentalidad de crecimiento’ para facilitar el aprendizaje1, este estudio encontró que los alumnos con dicha actitud, es decir los que creen que pueden mejorar si se esfuerzan lo suficiente, tuvieron un desempeño 12 por ciento mejor en la prueba que aquellos con una ‘mentalidad fija’; quienes creen que sus capacidades intelectuales no cambian.

El aprendizaje basado en la investigación no es reemplazo de la clase frente al grupo.

Los alumnos se benefician al abordar temas difíciles guiados por un maestro con la preparación pedagógica adecuada. Usados por sí solos, el aprendizaje dirigido por el docente, probó tener un mayor impacto positivo en la prueba —12 puntos más en la calificación promedio— que el aprendizaje basado en investigación (ABI) —61 puntos por debajo del score promedio—. ¿Acaso esto refuta años de investigación y uso del ABI? En absoluto, el mejor efecto  —26 puntos por arriba del score promedio— se produce cuando las dos metodologías se usan de manera que lo que prepondera es el aprendizaje guiado por el instructor y éste se complementa con el ABI.
Para explicar esto, los investigadores avanzan  dos hipótesis: 1) El ABI es más demandante para el estudiante, por lo que sólo se beneficia si ya cuenta con una base sólida de conocimientos y habilidades. 2) El ABI es un proceso complejo por lo cual los docentes que no hayan sido debidamente capacitados en su metodología pueden experimentar serias dificultades.
Harvard Faculty. Richard Murnane


Stanford Faculty  Reardon, Sean F.
Sean Reardon
Professor of Poverty and Inequality in Education
Senior Fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research
Director, Stanford Interdisciplinary Doctoral Training Program in Quantitative Education Policy Analysis


Truth About Butter.
There is actually a good amount of research, in several populations, that shows that full-fat dairy consumption is associated with lower BMI, lower waist circumference, and lower risk of cardiovascular disease (especially stroke).  Low-fat or fat-free dairy is actually often associated with increased BMI and waist circumference.
In fact, Dr. Ronald Krauss, one the world’s leading lipid researchers, directly showed that while saturated fat from dairy does raise LDL, it is an increase in large, fluffy, and benign LDL – not the small, dense, and atherogenic LDL. This actually decreases your risk of cardiovascular disease!

truthaboutabs. Toxic fish.

Dr. McClain says there are two body types – those that naturally burn fat, and those that store fat for longer periods of time. the deep fat.

AMP activated protein kinase