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Should you be using Spanish translations when studying English?

 Yes, but only when absolutely necessary.
In the real world, you don’t have access to one-click translation. But that's not the only reason.

Being comfortable focusing on the big picture and not getting stuck on the small details is necessary to improve your English fluency.

The details will come in time, but…..

You need massive amounts of speaking practice and massive amounts of listening practice.

Yes, we give you one-click translations into Spanish, but avoid using it in the beginning.


Focus on your listening first - train your ears to understand faster English with the Active Listening Lessons.

  • Focus on your speaking next - learn to speak faster without translation using the Active Speaking lessons.

  • Focus on your vocabulary last – Learn the expressions and slang of native speakers with our Vocabulary Videos and our one-click Spanish translation of the audio lessons, but only when you need it.

chimpanzee /ˌtʃɪmpænˈziː/= n. African ape = chimp  /tʃɪmp/ 
to raise = to bring up to raise children= criar (un hijo), cultivar (una planta)/ 
Scientists wanted to know         a human.
to flick/flip though sth= vi +prep. = mirar sin poner atención, echar un vistazo a algo, hojear. 
silverware= n. artículos de plata.
to comfort sb /ˈkʌmfət/, conforted = consolar / comfort n. = comodidad/ comforts n. = comodidades
 unlawful = illegal= adj. ilegal / unlawfully /ˈʌnˈlɔːfəlɪ/= illegally= adv. ilegalmente
to detain sb = v.t. to keep in custody= detener, arrestar
paradigm shift /ˈpær.ə.daɪm ˌʃɪft/ = cambio de paradigma   
to be paradigm shifting
I believe that we are seeing the
 beginning of a paradigm shift 
Creo que nos hallamos tan sólo al
 principio de un cambio de paradig

to be  a matter of time = to be just/only a matter of time= ser (sólo) cuestion de tiempo, 
pasa tarde o temprano. It is just a matter of time. 

Deepenglish. 2017/08 Can really die broken heart
to be rushed to = adj. estar a toda prisa.  She was rushed to the hospital with pneumonia
to rush sb/sth= v.i.  llevar de urgencia
She feared the worst = Ella temía lo peor.
She suddenly became ill with shingles. shingles = n. herpes Zoster / shingle=playa con guijarros (stony beach)/guijarro/teja
frail= adj. frágil, delicado
to spend X apart= pasar X separados. They had never spend a day apart during their  marriage
to raise = to bring up = to raise children= criar (un hijo), cultivar (una planta)/
to raise a family= formar una familia/ educar a los hijos
a family oriented = adj. centrado en la familia
to lay, laid= poner
their unique bond = su único vínculo
timing=n. sincronización/ good/bad timing= buen momento, mal momento.
twist of fate = giro del destino, suerte.
by a strange twist of fate= por una de esas extrañas vueltas que da la vida.
to have a soft spot for sb = tener debilidad por alguien
to be soft for sb= tener afecto por alguien
to tire of sb/sth= cansarse, aburrirse de algo o alguien.
mere = adj. mera, simple, justo. She died a mere seven days after him.
splash =n. salpicadura/ sensación, en medios de comunicación = a massive splash in the British newspaper / to make a splash = causar sensación
to sadden = entristecer, dar pena. It saddens me = Esto me entristece.
I can´t fathom why = No me explico por qué.
to fathom = to understand sth difficult (fig.) / fathom n. braza
The Grim Reaper= El Segador siniestro. Imaginario personaje que representa la muerte. personificación de la muerte con un esqueleto y un dalle/ grim= adj. nefasto, desalentdor.
to back sth up= respaldar, mostrar evidencia de que algo es verdad.  / move in reverse= dar marcha atrás, echarse para atrás
to run riot/ˈraɪət/ v.i. act without restraint = (actuar sin control), extenderse por todas partes, cubrirlo todo, descontrolarse, desvocarse. Our emotions run riot
riot= n. disturbio, desorden. Film: The riot Club
the grief = sorrow = el dolor, la pena. The grief paralyses us.
the loss = n. la perdida
to cripple sb = tullir, lisiar, paralizar (fisicamente).
run-down= adj. venido a menos, deteriorado.

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