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Should you be using Spanish translations when studying English?

 Yes, but only when absolutely necessary.
In the real world, you don’t have access to one-click translation. But that's not the only reason.

Being comfortable focusing on the big picture and not getting stuck on the small details is necessary to improve your English fluency.

The details will come in time, but…..

You need massive amounts of speaking practice and massive amounts of listening practice.

Yes, we give you one-click translations into Spanish, but avoid using it in the beginning.


Focus on your listening first - train your ears to understand faster English with the Active Listening Lessons.

  • Focus on your speaking next - learn to speak faster without translation using the Active Speaking lessons.

  • Focus on your vocabulary last – Learn the expressions and slang of native speakers with our Vocabulary Videos and our one-click Spanish translation of the audio lessons, but only when you need it.

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